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Suffolk Groomers

Friendly Reliable Professional Dog Grooming

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Puppy Groom

Free Spa Included

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Luxuary Spa

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Regular grooming is important to keep your dogs coat healthy. Grooming can ensure your dog is free from matting and discomfort. Groomers can often see things you don't always recognise this can include skin conditions or parasites and we can inform owners of any health concerns. Every dog feels happier and lighter after their groom.


Full Grooms

Keep you companion in tip top condition with our full grooms. Every dog is different so the following prices are a guide depending on your dog’s size and coat condition. Please contact us for a more personalised quote. The full groom includes the following.

  • Bath, brush and blow dry
  • Style of the coat
  • Hygiene Clip
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if needed



Full Groom Price Guide

Small Dogs          £28-£38 Yorkshire Terrier / Chihuahua

Medium Dogs   £38-£45  Cocker Spaniel/West Highland Terrier

Unable To Groom Large Breeds
Due to mobile equipment i am unable to groom large dogs safely.


dog wash

Bath Brush and Blow Dry

Perfect for in-between grooms a bath and brush keeps your dog’s coat in great condition and smelling refreshed. The prices listed bellow are a guide please call us for a more personalised quote.


Bath and Brush Price Guide

Small  Dogs         £30-£35      Yorkshire Terrier/Jack Russell

Medium dogs    £35   Cocker Spaniel/West Highland Terrier

Unable To Groom Large Dogs
Due to mobile equipment i am unable to groom large dogs safely.




Puppy Groom start from £30 all breeds

Puppy grooms are available up to six months of age. Puppy grooms include a face, feet and hygiene tidy as well as the following free spa treatments.

  • Specially formulated puppy shampoo.
  • Teeth clean and fresh breath foam.
  • Paws and nose revitalising coconut butter.
  • Blueberry spa facial.
  • Ear clean.
  • Nail clip.


Hand Stripping From £40

Hand stripping is a process of stripping the coat by hand, this works by removing the top layer of coat allowing room for the coat underneath to grow. Hand stripping works on wire coated breeds such as Border Terriers, Norfolk Terriers etc. It’s a process which takes time and not all coats have the correct undercoat for this to be successful. Please give us a call to discuss your grooming requirements.
Due to mobile equipment I am unable to groom large dogs safely.